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Create engaging, interactive content in minutes using our Multi-Whichit posts


A highly engaging image-based poll, that reveals a commercial Call-To-Action layer

Which must-have gadget is on your 2016 gift List? Vote for your favourite & we'll keep you posted about the latest technology news

The Carousel will present a single embedded Whichit Post, that will be automatically replaced with a new one the next time the user visits your website. 


Replace your traditional surveys with a highly engaging format, delivering your question in an interactive image-based survey. Choose any engage card to complete your survey.

ARE YOU A RISK TAKER? Use this Multi-Whichit post as a fun interactive survey that will collect valuable data about your audiences' financial behaviour and their willingness to take risks.

Purchasing an insurance policy for you - Which incentive would you be happy to get?

Create an interactive musical experience for your audience in realtime
(Audio courtesy of  user
ValentinSosnitskiy on freesound.org, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License)

Which instrument is playing UNDER WATER on the new Panasonic SC-ALL05 Multiroom Waterproof Bluetooth Portable Speaker?

Spice-up your content with digital interactive quizzes. The Whichit format is visual, engaging & responsive. Create simple & effective content for your audience.

ARE YOU A SOCIAL MEDIA ADDICT? check the influence of social media on your audience's day to day activity. Gaining this data can be valuable in order to understand how to approach your prospective clients.


Create & score Trivia quizzes with custom results based on answers given by participants. Offer a commercial Call-to-Action when completing the quiz.

WHAT'S YOUR BOOB IQ? (By Sweaty Betty)

What are Cooper's Ligaments?

Replace your traditional website search on an image-based search. Fast, intuitive & easily  to embbeded on 3rd party websites (allowing you to promote your catalog outside of your website)

Discover Abercrombie & Fitch

Use animated gif in your Whichit post

What are you having for lunch today?