Whichit For Publishers

Provide your audience with display ads that appear native and seamlessly in your content. Keep them on site for longer and allow your readers to engage with the material on your site. In the meantime, earn more money and gain useful insights about your audience.

Choose a location on your site where you would like the Whichit to appear. We provide you with a simple code ONCE! This code will automatically update with a relevant display ad that fits to the specific size of the placement. 

We only serve relevant display ads that are in-keeping with your cotent. This will create higher engagement and earn you more money. You won't irritate your readers with make-up ads on your football site. 


The perfect match between your audience and the right Whichit for them. Increasing CTR and earning more money for you!

What will it look like?


Here is an example of the type of Whichit that would be placed on your site. It will be in keeping with your content and will appear native. Once your audience has voted on your Whichit and 'Engage Card' will be reveled. This is a commercial message based on their preference. It will include either a 'Redirect' to another webpage, a 'Coupon Code' or a call for them to submit their Email. 
The Whichit Ad can delivered in IAB sizes.



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