Whichit Rewards Program


Hi Everyone,

Did you know that if you help us spread the word you will be highly rewarded?

Thanks to our Rewards Program you can earn credits just by recommending Whichit Pro to your friends and colleagues, or by sharing a post on Facebook & Twitter! These credits are your free ticket to everything Whichit has to offer, even the commercial features! Oh… and by the way it’s super easy.



So, first of all, every Whichit Pro user receives a unique link that they can share with their friends. Each user that registers to Whichit Pro using your link, adds credits to your account depending on what they sign up for. You know what is even better? The same amount of credits will also be assigned to your friend's new account!

The number of credits depends on your friends' chosen plan:

1.     If they sign up for a Freemium Plan, you will earn 100 CREDITS

2.     When they choose the Pay-As-You-Go Plan you will receive 250 CREDITS

3.     Last but not least, if they decide to sign up for Premium, you'll get 500 CREDITS (!!!) 


Another great way to earn credits is by sharing your experience to Social Media. By simply sharing a prepared recommendation post to Facebook and Twitter you can earn 50 CREDITS each!
As promised… no big deal and easily earned credits, right?



Simply login to Whichit Pro, click on your profile photo on the top bar and select 'ACCOUNT'. On the left side bar select 'REWARDS' and there you go! Your unique URL is waiting for you to spread the word.