6 Killer Marketing Campaign Ideas for Christmas

It’s that time of the year again!  Christmas lights are already up on Oxford Street! But are you prepared for the Christmas season as well? – We are! And we also have some early Christmas gifts for you!! In this post we’ve picked up the most efficient marketing campaigns for your business to make sure that you will have a booming holiday season! So choose one, increase your holiday sales and as a result you will find some more gifts under your own Christmas tree ;-)

1 | Gift Creator Campaign

It’s that time of year again!!! Baubles are being unpacked as we speak! Are you ready? Have you chosen everybody’s presents?? No?!?!?!
Well neither have most consumers… Whichit is the perfect tool to make it simple and easy for everyone to choose the perfect gift for their loved ones this holiday season with the…. XMAS GIFT CREATOR.
Through Whichit's unique technology, a user can be directed to the perfect gift by asking a simple series of questions all in the same beautiful bespoke ad unit. 

I'm looking for a Christmas gift for...

2 | Performance Campaign

Create an interactive Poll, Quiz or Trivia related to your brands' special Xmas activity or products and simply embed the code on your website or blogpost, the same way you embed a YouTube video. Your audience engage with the poll and based on their preferred choice Whichit will reveal a bespoke commercial offer from the brand.

  • Embed Whichit Post, Quiz or Trivia on a brand’s Website or Blog.
  • Our campaigns achieved results of over 90% engagement rate and 25% CTA. Take a look at this great quiz by Birchbox.
  • Bespoke commercial offer redirect customers to a purchase page, or capture potential client’s emails.

Register & create your own Whichit Post or sign up to learn more abour Whichit Pro:

3 | Advertisement Campaign

If you're concerned about your advertisement performance, the Whichit format is perfect for your next advertisement campaign! Whichit delivers a Click-Through-Rate of 40x traditional banners creating new native advertising revenue channels for publishers and brands.

  • Embed Whichit Post, Quiz or Trivia on native advertisement
  • Generating high engagement with the audience
  • Bespoke commercial offer redirects customers to a purchase page, or capture potential client’s emails

Whichit Ad Network is a boutique community of publishers and bloggers who provide their audience engaging native and commercial content, holding over hundreds of millions of impressions. Contact us to learn more about Whichit Ad Network.

4 | Facebook Campaign

The new Facebook Instant Articles is designed specifically for performance on mobile phones. They work as any other publishing platform but they were specifically created for better sharing of articles on Facebook to deliver a super-fast loading time, and they look great! Whichit Pro users can easily create Facebook Instant Articles with Whichit Posts embedded in them. This fast and responsive content, is 10X faster than standard mobile web articles and makes your readers 70% less likely to abandon the article. Read more on our blogpost One more reason to use Facebook Instant Articles.

  • Post and boost a Whichit Post, Quiz or Trivia on Facebook
  • Generating high engagement with your audience & new targeted audience
  • Bespoke commercial offer redirect customers to purchase page, or capture potential client’s emails

5 | Marketing Channels Campaign

Whichit Posts, quizzes or Trivia are perfect as engaging content in your marketing campaign. Whether you're sending a newsletter, creating a social media campaign or building a holiday's landing page, you can engage your audience with cool content combined with your special Xmas offer.

  • Distribution by email marketing, WhatsApp, SMS – sending to Whichit’s/Brand’s landing page.
  • The main Call-To-Action is taking part in a Quiz or a Trivia questionnaire.
  • Generates high engagement levels with your audience.
  • Bespoke commercial offer redirects customers to a purchase page, or capture potential client’s emails with the right offer that they have chosen for themselves.

6 | Ad-server Campaign

Whichit is compatible and fully functioning at the Advertising Industry banner sizes. Your Ad can sit natively or within one of these frames. Whichit Posts can be delivered on thousands of publisher websites, replacing your traditional banners and get phenomenal engagement! Furthermore, our unique technology prevents the Whichit Posts from being blocked by ad blockers, protecting brand and publisher revenues. … And, you can gain some insights about your user at the same time!

  •  Deliver Whichit Post, Quiz or Trivia through programmatic advertising.
  • Compatible with IAB standard.
  • Generates high engagement levels with your audience.
  • Bespoke commercial offer redirects customers to a purchase page, or capture potential client’s emails with the right offer.

Running a Xmas marketing campaign?

Whichit is specialised in interactive commercial content. Let us help you enhance your marketing campaigns performance.
Register now and create your own Whichit Posts (30 days free trial!), or contact us to learn more on how Whichit Pro can benefit your business:


Whichit's Added Value

Whichit has a complete solution to your marketing campaigns. From a simple engaging content to use on your social channels, to a winning interactive ad unit, here is a summary of our value proposition:   

    Interactive and visual content will create high performing campaign
    Capture email addresses subscriptions in a native manner
    Use coupons to connect between content and your promotions/ e-Commerce pages
  • DATA
    Collect retargeting data about your customers
    Add an interactive activation to sponsored content units with your advertisers
    Powerful, turnkey SaaS solution that’s easy to use


Merry Christmas!
The Whichit Team

One more reason to use Facebook Instant Articles

Hi Everyone,

At Whichit we like to stay on top of ground breaking products and services in our industry and when possible integrate with them.
This is why this week we would like to show you how to create a Facebook Instant Article Whichit. You can use this feature to share your Whichit Posts directly to your social media channels.

Whichit Was Shortlisted To The UKBAA Angel Investment Awards

Hi Everyone,

Having been nominated for best international growth start-up, our entire founding team attended the UK Angel Investment Awards Gala Awards Dinner at The Dorchester last week.

It was a great honor to be shortlisted and a wonderful experience to be up close with the movers and shakers of our industry. There were serial entrepreneurs, angels, VCs, start-ups as well as accelerators, advisors and the rest of the support networks that make the UK such a vibrant start-up ecosystem.

We had a chance to mingle with some fellow start-ups and some investors. Most importantly, we were impressed with the calibre of the award winners and nominees. It was great to see companies that were once small small start-ups, and are now massive, global companies.

We were especially happy to see that our investors, Galvanise Capital and even one of our clients, Family Traveller among the shortlisted companies.

About the awards:

Now in its 11th year, the annual UKBAA Angel Investment Awards celebrate high growth and success in the angel and early stage investment market - recognising the fastest growing brands and acknowledging the founders, angels, crowdfund and early stage venture capital investors behind them.

Whichit Pro is live! [soft launch]

Hi Everyone,

Whichit Pro is live! [soft launch]. Finally there is a simple platform that allows advertisers to produce truly interactive content to increase user engagement, gain audeince insight and achieve their content marketing goals.

To those of you who know us here at Whichit you know that we are constantly evolving our platform. Over the past 6 months, Whichit Pro was in closed beta mode with selected clients.

How Vendula got 1,811 sign ups and over 40% engagement rate in just 17 days

Vendula is an original fashion accessories brand whose key product is funky bags. “We launched Vendula London in 2003, and since then we’ve grown to become one of fashion’s funkiest brands with a growing list of customers across the UK, Ireland, Europe, and North America.”

The company wanted to promote their brand by incentivising their follower base and approaching new potential customers via a giveaway campaign on a special date in the retail calendar.

Whichit was crowned the [email protected] 2015 People’s Choice Award Winner

Whichit is proud to announce it was awarded the People’s Choice Award at [email protected] 4.0 that took place on November 2nd at St. James’s Palace, receiving the award from HRH The Duke of York.

Our journey to the [email protected] began when Whichit was selected amongst 42 other startups to take part in the [email protected] Boot Camp, at Imperial College London. The judges had a difficult decision selecting 15 companies that would actually progress to pitch at St James’s Palace in front of The Duke of York.

The Duke of York founded [email protected] to support Entrepreneurs with the amplification and acceleration of their business ideas by connecting them with potential supporters including CEOs, Angels, Mentors, and key Business Partners.

The main event was based around the Internet of Things and Smart Cities, technologies that help create a smarter world, as well as empowering consumers and citizens to engage with objects and the environment around them.

Prince Andrew said: “[The goal] is to celebrate the innovation that entrepreneurship actually delivers to the UK, and is trying to raise the profile of enterprising activity by individuals and companies.”

Guests included 300 business leaders, celebrities, CEOs and mentors ranging from Lord Karan Bilimoria, CBE, Celebrity Chef Heston Blumenthal, OBE, Television presenter Jonathan Ross, OBE, and Royals such as Princess Beatrice. All joined forces to assist the 12 finalist start-ups. At the event, entrepreneurs had the chance to pitch for funding, advice and introductions from the high profile guests. Four prizes were awarded on the night: Most Commercially Viable Business; Best Pitch; Most Disruptive Business and the People´s Choice Award.
After so much support and hard work Whichit was crowned as the winner of [email protected] 4.0 People´s Choice Award at St James´s Palace in London.

We were especially honored to see our faces on stage with HRH The Duke of York on Tuesday November 3rd’s edition of the Evening Standard. It’s not every day that you get to see your face every place you look on the evening tube ride home…

Congratulations to the other three winners: LifeboxUnmade and Appear Here.

British Technology Entrepreneurs Reception at 10 Downing Street

Whichit was cordially invited to 10 Downing Street by the Prime Minister, David Cameron, to join like-minded technology entrepreneurs at the British Technology Entrepreneurs Reception.

Heading the VIP guest list was Jack Ma, founder and Executive Chairman of Alibaba Group. Other distinguished guests included Rohan Silva, former Senior Policy Advisor to David Cameron turned entrepreneur and Eileen Burbidge, one of London’s most influential venture capitalists. Other successful entrepreneurs who created some of the UK’s most successful technology companies such as Moshi Monsters, Graze, CityMapper and CarThrottle attended the reception too.

Jack Ma, the business magnate and philanthropist, announced that he joined a panel of business figures advising Mr David Cameron on business matters. The announcement of his new position, came the day before a four-day state visit to Britain by Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Our founder and CEO, Jonathan Gan had the honour of meeting Mr Ma and speaking to him briefly, showcasing Whichit to the founder of China’s own Google, Amazon and eBay rolled into one, getting some sound business advice in the process.

This is not the first time Whichit has been invited to Downing Street, in fact is the third time that we´ve had the honor and hopefully we will be returning there again soon.